Solving the top product management challenges in SaaS

Do you know how to solve the toughest challenges in SaaS product management?

Solving the Top Product Management Challenges in SaaS - guide


Product management for SaaS is changing faster than ever. So how are product leaders keeping their day-to-day agenda aligned with company strategy and ensuring products contribute to the bottom line? Learn how to manage engineering resources despite ad hoc requests due to digital transformation demands and connect strategy with tactics, data, and smart tech choices in our guide.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify the top challenges in SaaS product management

  • Build out a process that aligns product strategy to daily tactics

  • Use data to objectively grow engagement and retention

  • Make smart technical decisions to help you create best-in-class products

What's in the guide?

  • Chapter 1: Solving the top product management challenges in SaaS - A full overview of the toughest challenges in SaaS product management, including prioritization, building consensus, retention, and resourcing.

  • Chapter 2: How to focus on strategy without being too tactical - In-depth discussion on how to map high-level company goals such as growing revenue, retention, and market share to day-to-day tactics using objective data

  • Chapter 3: Making customer insights actionable with data - How product leaders can apply observed data on customer usage patterns and behavior to directly support the company’s bottom line by increasing retention and preventing churn

  • Chapter 4: The most insidious technical challenge for product - One of the fastest-growing challenges in product management is integrations, which customers request as standing features for your SaaS product or to build out specific service-based use cases. What are the pros and cons of building internally vs. procuring externally?

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