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Efficiently improve your customer experience using automation

Learn how to improve customer retention, increase sales meetings, convert more leads, and more, with step-by-step guides and a series of 15 min. videos walkthroughs by Tray Platform experts.

With automation, improve every step of your customer experience:

  • Convert more leads from webinars and virtual events

  • Minimize no-shows and maximizing sales meetings

  • Improve customer retention by extending chat tool functionality

  • Scale your eCommerce operations

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The platform is simple to build yet robust enough to handle looping workflows.

Convert more webinar leads by automating follow-up processes

Automate and integrate Zoom, Salesforce and Slack

In this short video, Tray Platform expert will show you how you can connect your webinar, CRM, and collaboration tools together, and build an automated workflow to get the most engaged leads to your sales team, faster.

Minimize no-shows rates for sales meetings and personalize re-engagement efforts

Connect Gong, Outreach, Slack

Learn how to maximize sales meeting attendance rates and re-engage prospects by identifying and following-up with meeting no-shows, using popular sales tools including conversation intelligence apps like Gong, internal communications apps like Slack, sales engagement apps like Outreach, and CRMs like Salesforce.

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