How to automate marketing metrics + analytics

Use automation to rapidly unify and share actionable reporting

Companies use marketing analytics more than 40% of the time to inform marketing decisions and will double their spend in the next few years. However, only 36% of companies can prove the quantitative impact of analytics, since many companies don’t have the right tools, staff, or training. Learn how you can stop manually gathering marketing data and automate the entire reporting process to responsively gauge performance for any marketing campaign and make better decisions with your spend.

What’s in the guide?

  • Marketing Metrics: What you need to know now

  • How marketing analytics help marketers win

  • How to automate web analytics for marketing

  • How to automate marketing metrics

  • Takeaways

You’ll learn these valuable tactics

  • Unify any marketing data from any source

  • Integrate marketing data with data warehouse

  • Combine analytics + automation + BI

  • Instantly share reporting with relevant teams symbol the motis


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