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Create a CSV file from JSON array


This is a 'Workflow' template which means that it is a single standalone workflow.

Some workflow templates can be modified to work with other workflow templates - e.g. to convert a data sync between two services from uni-directional to bi-directional


This callable workflow can be used by other workflows that need to quickly turn arrays of objects into CSVs with minimal steps

Once sent to the workflow, the CSV Editor is used to build a CSV file, and send it back to the calling workflow.

End Result

When you are dealing with lists of objects in your workflows, this template will enable you to convert them to a CSV in the simplest and fastest possible way:

Connectors Used

The following connectors are used in this template. This is mostly provided for reference only - there is no need to read through the linked connector pages. All you need to know for this template is explained on this page:


This workflow assumes the following:

  • You have other workflows that deal with object lists that need to have CSVs generated

  • The objects in the lists have the same keys every time

Workflow logic

The following screenshot shows the complete workflow.

Section 1 Generates the column list for the creation of the CSV and creates the CSV

Section 2 adds the data to the CSV

Section 3 Exports the CSV as a file and sends it back to the calling workflow

The Step-by-step template explanation below tells you in full detail how the workflow was built.

The Getting Live section takes you through how to set up a test workflow which sends a list of objects to be converted to CSV by this one:

Getting Live

To test this workflow out you will need to set up your own calling workflow which generates a list of objects and sends it to the callable workflow template.

The following takes you through the main points in setting up a calling worklfow:

For educational purposes the rest of this page will take you through how the workflow template is built to acheive the desired results.

This will help deepen your understanding of and will give you the power to maintain and edit your workflow as necessary.

Step-by-step template explanation