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Extract and transform CSV data from AWS S3


This is a 'Workflow' template which means that it is a single standalone workflow.

Some workflow templates can be modified to work with other workflow templates - e.g. to convert a data sync between two services from uni-directional to bi-directional


This workflow template demonstrates how to download a CSV file from Amazon S3, create a CSV file using the downloaded file's data and loop through it.

This enables you to extract information from a CSV file and do whatever you wish with it - create contacts / accounts within a CRM, or anything you please.

Connectors Used

The following connectors are used in this template. This is provided for reference only - there is no need to read through the linked connector pages, as all you need to know for this template is explained here:

End Result

The following graphic demonstrates the process of downloading a csv from S3, using Tray to extract the data and sending it to a service of your choice (Salesforce or Google Sheets in this case):


This workflow assumes the following:

  • You can authenticate with AWS S3.

Getting Live

Workflow logic

The overall logic of the workflow is:

  1. The workflow is triggered by a manual trigger but can be modified for your specific use case.

  2. Once the workflow is fired, it gets the URL of the specified CSV file from the selected S3 bucket.

  3. Using the file's URL, a CSV file is created.

  4. Later, the workflow returns all the rows from the specified CSV file using the Get Rows operation.

  5. Next, all the rows returned in the previous step are looped and sent to the Salesforce step for further use.

The Salesforce connector within the workflow is a generic placeholder for whatever you wish to do with the CSV records. For detailed instructions, refer to Determine how to process the CSV file records in the Getting live section.

Step-by-step Explanation