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Secure your Tray form submissions with email verification


This is a 'Project' template which means that it contains a group of workflows that work together to achieve a particular aim


This template will enable you to set up a secure email verification system to allow you to verify a user before they make a Tray form submission.

How to set up

Workflow 1 (Form trigger)

Please customize the form as needed:

1. Leave the Email field in the trigger as is.

2. The Form Title should be updated in the config data rather than in the Form Trigger properties panel, as it is used in other steps in the process.

3. You will also need to update the Send Email step with the following information:

  • Update the Subject

  • Add your own content in the first paragraph of the email referencing the form submission

  • Do not change any other data in this step, else the verification process will not function correctly.

4. Copy and paste the form trigger URL into the 'value' for request-form in the project config data

Workflow 2 (Webhook trigger)

1. Copy and paster the webhook trigger URL into the 'value' for webhookURL in the project config data.

2. Update the confirmation message in text-helpers-6 as required

3. Add the desired action upon successful verification where storage-4 is located in the workflow. Once added, you may remove storage-4 as it is a placeholder

Testing your setup

To trigger a run of the complete process, copy the Form URL from Workflow 1, and paste into a new tab in your browser.