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Salesforce Opportunity to Slack Notifications


This is an 'Embedded Solution' template which means that it contains 'Config Slots' that allow End Users to configure it for their own use

For more details please see our Tray Embedded documentation

Please note that you will be unable to use this template if you do not have an Embedded account


When a new Salesforce opportunity is created, manually tracking and updating the people who need to know is a time-consuming process.

Relying on person-to-person interactions leaves space for miscommunication or errors.

This template automates the process and eliminates any errors that might occur, by:

  1. Checking for new opportunities in Salesforce

  2. Gathering opportunity information along with the assigned owner

  3. Cleaning the data

  4. Sending a Slack notification to a channel of your choice

  5. Sending any failures to an alerting workflow

End User experience

Once you have published your Solution, the following diagram illustrates the process from an End User point of view:

Via the Config Wizard, this Embedded template allows End Users to specify:

  • What Slack channel to send notifications to

  • What Slack channel to send error alerts to

Once their Solution Instance is configured they can:

  • Trigger an instance run by adding opportunities to their Salesforce org and see a slack notification being sent in real time to the intended channel

Connectors Used

The following connectors are used in this template. This is provided for reference only - there is no need to read through the linked connector pages, as all you need to know for this template is explained here:


This workflow assumes the following:

  • You can authenticate with Salesforce

  • You can authenticate with Slack

Installing and testing

1. Import the project by clicking on 'Use Template'

2. Add auth for Salesforce and Slack

3. Make any necessary text edits etc. in the Config Wizard (Optional)

4. Publish the solution

5. Test the solution:

Going to production

You can follow the Integration Walkthrough to build an end user experience using Embedded APIs.

After the initial run of their instance, any time an End User wants to change the slack channels or the targeted Salesforce org or the slack workspace you can let them:

  • Edit their Instance where they re-run the Config Wizard and can specify a new channels or provide a new auth for Salesforce or a new slack auth.

Solution Slots

In order to allow your End Users to configure the integration for their own use, the following auth slots are available in the template workflows.

  • Salesforce

  • Slack

Plus the following config slots:

This means that, via the Config Wizard, End Users will be asked to authenticate with Salesforce and Slack.

And they will be asked to select the Slack channels for the notifications and alerting messages.

If required, you could set other fields as config values, e.g.

- The Slack Message to allow End Users to customize the message as they wish

- The Salesforce Record Type to allow End Users to work with e.g. Leads, Contacts etc.

Workflow Logic

There are 4 basic stages to the main workflow 'Listen to new Salesforce opportunities':

In addition, there is an alerting workflow 'Salesforce opportunities to Slack message Alerting workflow' in the project.

The purpose of this workflow is to listen to errors from the main workflow and send notifications to the configured specified slack channel with chosen field details.