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Sync Airtable records to Nimble EForms


This is a 'Project' template which means that it contains a group of workflows that work together to achieve a particular aim


The purpose of this workflow is to capture records from Airtable and use them to create EForms in Nimble.

The workflow is fired manually, loops through the records in Airtable, performs the mapping and syncs the records in Nimble.


To implement this workflow, you will need the following:

Getting Live

Click 'Use Template' to deploy the template in your chosen Workspace.

Then add the authentications for the service connectors -> Airtable and Nimble.

Upon hitting 'Run workflow', the workflow will then start the process of pulling the records into Nimble.

Project Configs

The project has following configurable properties:

  1. card_type_id: This represents the card types you want to use in Nimble for the jira issue. Read Nimble user guide to find the card types.

  2. base_id: This represents the base ID of your Airtable account.

  3. table: This is table ID from Airtable from where records will be pulled in this sync process.

For guidance on finding the base and table IDs in Airtable, read this section on our Airtable connector.