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Upload list of employees to Bamboo


This is a 'Workflow' template which means that it is a single standalone workflow.

Some workflow templates can be modified to work with other workflow templates - e.g. to convert a data sync between two services from uni-directional to bi-directional


This Template saves time setting up employees in BambooHR. The more employees you hire the more valuable this template becomes. Ensuring the onboarding and hiring process is smooth for employees gives a great first impression to new hires.

This template takes a list of new employees from a Google Sheet and creates the new employees within BambooHR. It takes into account employee information such as hire dates, address, and contact information, as well as salary and org chart information.

Connectors Used

The following connectors are used in this template.

This is mostly provided for reference only - there is no need to read through the linked connector pages. All you need to know for this template is explained here.

Though you will probably need to look up service authentication instructions if you don't already have them

End Result

The image below demonstrates how the employee data within the Google Sheet has been transferred over to the People list within BambooHR.


This workflow assumes the following:

  • You can Authenticate with Google Sheets

  • You can Authenticate with BambooHR as an Admin or individual who can create new employees.

Workflow Logic

The overall logic of the workflow is:

Section 1 This workflow starts with a 'Manual Trigger'. The Google Sheet New Hire Info (sheets-1) step gets the new hire information from the Google Sheet.

Section 2 The Loop through new Hires (loop-1) step is where we then run a loop over all of the new hires.

Section 3 In order to populate BambooHR, we need to convert the Format Hire Date (date-time-helpers-1) and Format Birth Date (date-time-helpers-2) steps, so that they can convert the date format we get to a YYYY-MM-DD format.

Section 4 The final step Add New Employee (bamboohr-1) creates the new employee within BambooHR by adding the information collected including the formatted data.

Getting Live

In order to configure this workflow for use simply: