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AI Text Summarization Utility (Llama)

Artificial Intelligence

This is a 'Workflow' template which means that it is a single standalone workflow.

Some workflow templates can be modified to work with other workflow templates - e.g. to convert a data sync between two services from uni-directional to bi-directional


Use this flexible AI Utility Callable to start infusing your automations and business processes with AI.

This utility workflow can summarize unstructured text and data.

The only setup required is your AWS Bedrock credentials.


To implement this AI powered automation, you will need:

  • API credentials for AWS Bedrock

Note: while this automation uses script steps, you do not need to understand or write scripts to benefit. If you want to learn more about what the script steps do we included comments in the code so you could reverse engineer what is happening if you want to.

Getting Live

Mandatory steps:

  1. Map the source text that you want to summarize

Optional steps (to refine your summarization job):

  • Give structure to the type of Summary you want generated

  • Include example Source Text and Summarization Answers (very effective for getting specific output formats)

Example Summarization Use Cases

  • Long Slack Threads or even the content of entire channels for the last week

  • Product feedback that you have stored to find themes

  • Summarize Call transcripts with YOUR business needs in mind, not the generic template of a the call recording software

  • and so many more.