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Step Retry Architecture


Snippets are pieces of workflows. You can copy and paste them directly into any Tray workflow.

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About this Snippet

Please note: this only works with 3rd party services, NOT native connectors - this is because manual error handling ONLY works when connecting to a 3rd party service. (as of 2023oct27)

This snippet shows you an example of the architecture you would apply to a step in order to design retry logic for a specific 3rd party API call. We use this internally for our Salesforce Update Campaign Membership callable workflow utility.

A lot of the logic for this snippet is within the manual error handling of the step that we are attempting and building this retry around so you can use this as a visual and copy some of these steps into your workflow, but you will need to rebuild and configure the steps to meet your needs.

The basic logic is:

  1. Loop forever

  2. Attempt the action

    1. Success?

      1. Break the loop

    2. Failure?

      1. Determine the error

      2. Check if we hit max attempts yet

      3. Delay and try again OR if we hit the max break the loop

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