Step Isolation Mode

June 24, 2024

Users can now access Step Isolation mode in the builder interface from the top of the properties panel for some of our most powerful connectors. Gone are the days of needing an external IDE or Postman to test steps.

This was crafted to make building faster and improve the user experience when prompt engineering, writing scripts, testing connections via HTTP Client, and more.

It is available for AI connectors, Script connectors, HTTP client, and JSON Transformer.

When you open Step Isolation mode the most recent execution is pulled from the logs and available to use and modify in a temporary data panel. You can modify the step configuration and run the step by itself: no waiting for an entire workflow to run, no extra usage consumed.

When you exit you have the option to save the changes you made via the properties panel or you can scrap your changes and keep moving.

And yes, you can update the output schema directly within this new experience.

View the docs here