OpenAI - Connector v3.0 with Improved User Experience and New Operations

May 16, 2024
Connector Updates

Version: 3.0

Release Date: May 16th, 2024

The new GPT-4o model is here. We added a few new operations and made the connector much easier to work with thanks to your feedback!

What's New?

  • Create Chat Completion:

    • Now with GTP-4o, OpenAI's frontier model which is 2x faster and 50% the cost of GPT-4-turbo.

    • We simplified the interface of the connector so that you can get started faster.

    • JSON mode - perfect for AI infusion in your automations - is easy to use and has improved error messaging if you forget to include "JSON" in your prompt (required by the OpenAI API)

  • Create Embeddings:

    • Use the newest embedding models and experience our simplified embeddings operation that helps you get started faster.

  • Create Speech:

    • Generate an audio file from text. Taking content generation to new heights. Everything you write can now become audio content.

  • HTTP Operation:

    • Access any part of the OpenAI API through the Raw operation.

For detailed implementation guides and more information, refer to Tray Documentation - OpenAI.