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Using multiple accounts

As per the above screenshot it is possible to add multiple accounts which you can easily switch between.

This can be very useful in cases where you might want to manage your workflows according to company structure.

The above example shows using email aliases to work with sales, marketing and support accounts.

The email addresses you can use are not limited to aliases, so you could add, and you can add accounts in any way you wish to help you achieve your aims.

So you could use:

Or if you are an international organization wanting to manage by region you could use something like:

How to manage multiple accounts

The procedure for working with multiple accounts is as follows:

  1. Any accounts you wish to add to your list must first of all be added by an Orgnanization Owner or Admin.

  2. The invites received must then be accepted and a password created for each

  3. When logged in you can then click on Add new account under your profile:

  1. You will then be redirected to the url where you can login with any created account (remember that you are not creating an account here - you can only log in with ones that have already been created by an Owner or and Admin):

Once logged in you can then switch between your different accounts using your profile drop-down and create and manage your workflows accordingly:

Important notes on using multiple accounts

  • When you return to the Tray app you will be logged in to whichever account you were last using

  • When you log out you will log out of all accounts and so will have to re-add your accounts when logged back in

  • It is possible for multiple people within your organization to add the same account to their list - i.e. several people may want to be able to switch to the account

  • You cannot be logged into multiple accounts across different tabs

  • It is possible to use the 'forgot password' flow when adding new accounts