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Managing workflows

Moving from within a workflow

When creating workflows there is a 'Personal' button in the top left corner which you can click on to view all your own personal workflows:

Clicking on the menu option to the right of the workflow in question, will create a popup. Choose the 'Move selection' option to change the workflow's location and sharing settings.

Moving from the dashboard

The second way to move workflows is from the dashboard through the 'Workflow settings' option.

Under the 'Access' tab you will be able to select the new sharing level you wish to apply to said workflow.

Adding workflow labels

Labelling your workflows will assist users in categorizing and filtering both personal and organizational workflows.

On the workflow in question, select the '+' icon underneath the title.

Doing so will allow users to create their own label.

The end result will display your new label where the '+' sign was originally. For more than one label, simply repeat the process.

Moving other users' workflows

Owners and Admins can move other users' workflows to the organization by clicking to view their personal workflows from within the People screen.

Without high level access, sharing or moving workflows will be restricted under organizations.