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Filtering workflows


The existence of Workspaces makes it simple for you to separately work with your Personal and Organization workflows.

In the top left corner of your screen you can choose which Workspace you are currently working in:

Currently the two options are:

1 - Personal

This view will show all your personal workflows which you have not made available to other users in your organization.

You are presented with the usual filter options, but will notice that the 'Creators' filter only contains yourself:

2 - Organization

This view will exclude your personal workflows and show only organization workflows.

As you can see, it is possible to filter by creator:

When viewing workflows in the dashboard there is a range of filtering options at your disposal:

Creators - (Organization workspace only) view any workflows shared by a particular individual(s) within your org. Note that any individuals within your org who have not yet shared any workflows will not appear in the list of filterable Creators

Trigger - filter workflows based on the Trigger which activates them (the options here are the manual, webhook or 'service')

Status - filter workflows on whether they are enabled or not

Labels - you can filter by one or more labels that are applied to workflows

An example scenario where you might want to make use of combined filters is that you want to view all marketing workflows with a Scheduled Trigger that have been disabled: