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Adding people, settings and billing

Adding people

From the Settings and people section of the dashboard, it is possible to invite more people to your organization:

The pop-up dialog allows you to invite multiple people by email:

They will received an invitation by email:

Filtering invites

It is then possible to filter invitations using the Other tab.

You can search for invites by email.

And you can filter by 'pending' invites:

And by expired invites:

Changing roles

Once added a user's role can be changed:

Viewing users' auths and workflows

From the above screenshot you will see that you can also click to view any user's authentications or workflows:

Profile settings

A user can also access their profile settings where they can upload a profile photograph:

It is also possible to turn on 2-factor authentication, change password, set an alerting workflow and view the current logged in sessions for their account:

General settings

Here you can set the name of your Organization and an Organization alerting workflow:

For all operations in your workflow that use the default 'stop workflow' Error Handling option, an alerting workflow can be used to receive and process all error messages.

You must first set up a workflow which uses the Alert trigger:

As per the above $.steps.trigger.error example you can use jsonpaths to pull error information from the trigger and send emails, messages to other services etc.

Please see our docs on Alerting workflows for more information on the options available.


The Owner of an organization has the ability to manage billing and payment details: