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Troubleshooting data and jsonpaths

Common mistakes

- Getting the case wrong

Jsonpaths are case-sensitive!

So if the piece of data you are after is firstName and you enter $.steps.asana-2.person.firstname the connector step will fail!

- Getting the number of the connector step wrong

Remember that the prefix of your jsonpath must match the name of the connector/service and the number of the step - e.g. $.steps.slack-1 or $.steps.salesforce-3 or $.steps.loop-2

This is explained in working with data and jsonpaths.

- Variables with spaces in them can cause an error!

If the variable you are trying to access is called e.g. Primary User Email then you will need to pass it inside [''] as explained here

FAQs / other scenarios

- I have an array of results, how do I access a result which is not the first in the list?

In this scenario, you would use certain identifying criteria to pull the correct item from the list (for example pull the item where lastName equals Robinson)

This can be done using the List Helpers 'filter' operation

- I have an array of results, how do I access the last result in the list?

You can use the List Helpers 'last' operation

- How do I check if a piece of data matches a certain value?

Use the Text Helpers 'contains' operation.

- How do I put several pieces of data into a single box?

You can use Interpolated mode to combine pieces of data, and e.g. compose a long message which contains those pieces of data.

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