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jsonpath shortcuts

Using the Connector Snake

The quickest and simplest way of inserting the correct jsonpath is to use the Connector Snake.

To use the Connector Snake, first find the input property you want to connect up. Then click and drag the circle to the left of the properties label. You can drag the end of the Connector Snake and connect it to the step you wish to use the output data from. You will be presented with a list of output properties to choose from and selecting one will map the output data you selected to the current input property.




The Dynamic Output Schema

Every connector step has a Dynamic Output Schema which lists all of the data returned by that connector step, which can be accessed using jsonpaths.

This can be found by scrolling to the very bottom of the right-hand properties panel for any connector step.

The following example shows how you can use the dynamic output schema to get the jsonpath for the name of a new Slack channel which has kicked off your workflow:

Manually setting the Dynamic Output Schema

The connector snake is not always immediately available for all connector steps, and sometimes you might find that the Dynamic Output Schema is not very helpful.

For example you may find that the Loop connector presents a Dynamic Output Schema like this:


And from the debug output you know that the loop returns data such as:


To fix this you can click on the Use Output button indicated above, and this will then set the Dynamic Output Schema, meaning it is much easier to get at the data being returned by the loop connector:


This means it is now much easier to get at jsonpaths such as $

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