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Environment variables (advanced)

The following environment variables are available in your workflows:


Embedded users can use more environment variables not listed here. For a detailed guide refer Environment jsonpaths.

The execution uuid

The $.env.execution_uuid variable is potentially of key importance in managing statuses and errors. It is the id which is generated every time a workflow is run. It could be linked to an external execution id (which may have been pulled in from a webhook) - both of which could be stored in Data Storage and retrieved later in the workflow or stored at account level and retrieved in any child workflows which are called.

The workflow uuid

The $.env.workflow_uuid variable is basically the uuid found in your workflow url:


An example of using $.env.workflow_uuid can be found in our documentation on workflow threads

In this case it is used as a suffix for an account-level data storage variable, to identify that the variable is connected to that workflow.

Callable workflow trigger variables

Callable workflows have the following variables available from their trigger output:


The $.steps.trigger.#calling_workflow variable can be used to obtain the uuid of the calling workflow.

Again, this is used in our documentation on workflow threads - to make sure the calling workflow accesses the account-level data storage list that was created by the calling workflow.