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How to use markdown

Markdown is a versatile markup language that can be used to format text, create lists, insert links and images, add horizontal rules, and format code.

Feature Markdown
Bold text **bold text**, __bold text__
Italic text *italic text*, _italic text_
Strikethrough text ~~strikethrough text~~
Unordered lists a hyphen (-), asterisk (*), or plus sign (+) followed by a space, e.g.
- Item
- Item
Ordered lists a number followed by a period, e.g.
1. Item
2. Item
Link [Link text](
Note: The link will open in the same tab.
Image ![Image alt text]( "Image title")
Linked image [![Image alt text](](
Note: The link will open in the same tab.
Horizontal rule At least three hyphens
Code backticks (`)

The following screenshot shows an example workflow description rendered using markdown: