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How does Merlin use my data?

Merlin is Tray's chat based AI that performs automation tasks and builds workflows for you, powered by OpenAI.

By default, OpenAI does not receive personal data from the APIs you ask Merlin to interact with.

However, you can opt-in to additional features that may send OpenAI your data.

In all cases, OpenAI is only sent the data that is required to assist you in building your automations. It will not use your data for training purposes and does not retain data after processing it.

When asking Merlin "Who are my top 10 leads?", OpenAI is used to understand the question, then suggest a Tray connector and confirm which operation to use, like "Find records on Salesforce". When you're ready to execute the actual query, this happens entirely from within Tray.

If you ask follow up questions, like “Email me a summary”, OpenAI will be sent the structure of the data. Some APIs may contain include personal data in these structures.