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Webform / Slack (easy)

This tutorial will guide you through building a simple workflow and introduce you to the basic concepts of working with the Tray platform.

It will introduce you to:


  • A Slack account

  • A account (you can sign up here)

The workflow demonstrates creating a Suggestions Box, where user can provide their email address and suggestion. Once the form is submitted the workflow is triggered by a Form trigger.

Later this suggestion is sent as a message via Slack.

The overall logic of the workflow is:

  1. The workflow is triggered by a Form trigger.

  2. Once the workflow is fired, it gets an email address and suggestion of the user.

  3. Later, the email address and suggestion are concatenated using the Text Helpers connector. 

  4. This concatenated text is sent as a message via Slack.

To create this workflow, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Create a new workflow from scratch

Set up the Form trigger

Concatenate the text using the Text Helpers connector

Once you are done setting up the web form, the next step is to concatenate the values from the email and suggestion fields. This concatenated value can then be later sent as a message via Slack.

To do so:

Configure the Slack Connector

We are done constructing our message. The next step is to send the message via Slack. To do so configure the slack connector by following the steps below:

Check workflow functionality

To check if your workflow is functioning as expected, go to the webform URL, fill in the form again, and submit it.

You should receive a similar message on slack:

If you see your message appear in Slack it means the workflow is working successfully!

If you don't, then click on the 'Logs' tab to inspect your logs and see if you can find what the problem is.