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Config data

Sometimes you may want to store common configuration within a workflow for use across multiple steps, such as a common error message or an email address you want to send emails to at different points in the workflow. Workflow configuration is a way of storing these values that can then be used by any step using the $.config JSON Path property.

Create config data on the fly

When entering values into a field for any workflow step, you can create/enter config data by:

  1. Changing the file type to jsonpath
  2. Enter $.config and you will see the pencil icon activated
  3. You can then click the pencil icon to add a new config data field, or choose from the drop-down list of previously-created values

You will then be able to set the name for the new field, and enter the corresponding value:

Inserting config data into String fields

Once config data has been created it is possible to insert it into String fields by using { }. For example, an email message field could use:

More information on moving data between workflow steps can be found in the Moving Data between Connectors section.

Config data second method

Config Data can be set by going to the workflow settings page when you click on the settings wheel in the top left of the Workflow editor:

From here you can click on 'Config Data' and set the Name and Value for any common config