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Sometimes you may want to store common configuration within a workflow for use across multiple steps, such as a common error message or an email address you want to send emails to at different points in the workflow. Workflow configuration is a way of storing these values that can then be used by any step using the $.config JSON Path property.

To set Config Data, go to the workflow settings page by clicking on the settings wheel in the top left of the Workflow editor:


From here you can click on 'Config Data' and set the Name and Value for any common config


Once set, Config Data can then be used at any point in your Workflow:



Note that the first example uses a simple $.config.alert-email-adress which is input as JSON path type.

While the second example puts the config in curly brackets: {$.config.alert-message} so that it can be used as part of a normal String message. This is called 'Interpolated Mode'.

More information on Interpolated Mode and moving data between workflow steps can be found in the Moving Data between Connectors section.

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