Tray Platform / Using Connectors / Technical limits, timeouts and retries

Technical limits, timeouts and retries

This page brings together all information on technical limits of connectors on the Tray Platform.

Some of this information is repeated on relevant connector pages.

Timeout information

How long does a connector take to timeout?45 secondsis longer on certain connectors such as the CSV connectors and Redshift (Redshift setting is 60 minutes)
How long does the HTTP Client (Universal Connector) wait for a response?15 mins
How long does the Webhook Trigger wait (when using trigger event reply)5 mins
How long does the Authentication refresh wait before throwing an error
(such as 'unable to refresh OAuth token.')
1st retry is immediate2nd and 3rd retries wait approx 20 seconds
How long does the 'Fire and Wait for Response' operation in the Callable response connector wait before timing out?this doesn’t have a timeout as a workflow could take a long time to complete

Connector retry logic

Service connector API returns an errorRetry 3 times every 40 secondsRetries 3 times only if set to stop workflow, error handling retries 0 times
Internal error (backend)Retries 15 times regardless of error handlingDelay increases each time. First retry after 30s, then 2mins, etc. 10th time will wait for 30 minutes. "Unfortunately, we encountered an internal error..."
Backend Error (connector itself)Retries 3 times regardless of error handling"Unfortunately, the connector unexpectedly failed..."
Wrong user input (e.g. wrong jsonpath)Doesn’t retry regardless of error handlingUse error returned to troubleshoot
A service trigger / webhook is retryingIf the service which sends the webhook doesn't receive a 200 status from, this will depend on the retry policy of the serviceAn example policy is QuickBooks which retries every 20, 30, and 50 minutes
Service connector is not retrying a failed API callWill only retry a failed API call if the error handling logic is set to 'Stop workflow''Manual' & 'Continue workflow' logic - Api/ connector error: doesn’t retry internally, generic backend error: retries 3 times internally

Data payload limits

Data that can pass between any 2 steps in the workflow builder1 MBany more will cause issues
Data that can be sent using the Trigger Event Reply1 MB
Data that can be consumed by our Webhook Trigger1 MBfile content can be sent as multi-part http requests, with an overall limit of 10MB
Data that can be sent via the Form Trigger1 MB (10 MB for attached files)
Data that can be attached to an inbound email10 MB
How long do files generated in a workflow persist?6 hours

CSV connectors

Data that can be extracted from, or sent to, the CSV Editor in a single call1GBmore is likely to cause issues
File size limit when importing to the CSV Editor1GB
Max payload between steps for CSV Reader1 MBas per between standard connectors in the builder
When I create a CSV how long does this CSV persist for?30 days
When I export my created CSV I get a download url
How long is the download URL active for?
6 hoursas per standard link persistence policy

Logs retention

How long are logs retained for?30 dayscan be reduced on request
How long can logs be re-run for?7 days

The Data Storage connector

Overall storage limitnone
Storage limit under single key400 KB
Nested depth limit32for more deeply-nested objects the 'set value' operation can use the 'Force store in older format' option in advanced properties.
How long is data stored under Current Run scope?30 days from executionto allow for delays in workflow completion
How long is data stored under Workflow scope?until deletion of the workflow
How long is data stored under Account scope?until deletion of the user