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Trello Trigger

Trigger a workflow when changes are made in Trello
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The Trello trigger allows you to trigger a workflow when a model changes. This can be a member, card, board, or anything that actions apply to.


In order to configure the trigger, you will need to specify the Key and the Model ID, you can also specify a Description but this is not a required field.

You can get your unique key by logging into the Trello app and visiting

The Model ID property allows you to specify the object that the trigger should monitor. Whenever that object changes (e.g. A card is updated), the trigger will return that information and the workflow will execute.

The Model IDs

You can get a list of IDs that you can use to set up the Trello trigger by creating another workflow and dragging the Trello connector in it. There are various operations returning the IDs:

  • List boards

  • List cards

Once you've found the ID of the object you would like to monitor, use it to specify the Model ID in the Trello trigger.

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