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The Showpad sales enablement platform integrates industry-leading training and coaching software with innovative content solutions, driving increased sales.


The Showpad connector on Tray allows you to interact with the data in your Showpad account in any way you choose.

Basic Operations List

  • List file libraries
  • List library files
  • List file versions
  • Get a file
  • Get a version of a file
  • Update a file
  • Upload a file
  • Delete a file


Before being able to use the Showpad connector, authentication will need to be created. To do so, add the Showpad connector to the workflow and hit the New Authentication button found in the input panel.

The next windows provides you the opportunity to name the authentication as well as displaying the scopes that will be requested. Once you have named the authentication and choosen the scope are ticked, press the Add authentication button.


Example 1 - Get a file

This example will walkthrough how to get a file from a library with a given file id. The first step is to select the Get file operation from the operations list.

You can now select the library id from the drop down option available in the Library ID input and enter the file id you would like to retrieve from the selected library. Press 'Run Workflow' to excute the workflow. This will return the file data of the choosen file.


Example 2 - Upload a file

This operation allows you to upload a file to a choosen library.

  1. Select the Upload a file operation from the operation list.
  2. Select the library id from Library ID input.
  3. Provide an unique External ID for the the file. If an exsiting external id is provided, upload will not be successful and will cause a conflict.
  4. Choose a file attachment you wish to upload using the JSON schema helper from a previous workflow step.
  5. You can populate the additional input feilds as required and press 'Run Workflow' to excute the workflow.


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