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Microsoft SQL Database

interact with Microsoft's SQL database service


The Microsoft SQL database connector gives you the ability to interact with Azure's SQL database service.

Connecting to your database

You can authenticate with Azure using the login credentials for the database you wish to access. The Username and Password relate to the Server admin or Azure AD user authorised to access the database. The Server field relates to the Server name property in the Overview panel of your database in the Azure portal.

Be sure to whitelist the following IP addresses to allow Tray to connect with your database, by editing the firewall rules in the Overview panel of your database:


Note: it is extremely important that your Microsoft SQL database is only accessible with a strong username and password combination when white listing these IP addresses, as they will be used by anyone using the connector in a Tray workflow. If you wish to have a more secure connection, please contact Sales about our private static IP or private cluster options.

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