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Freshdesk helps your team focus on what matters the most - delivering great support.


Freshworks, formerly Freshdesk, is a software as a cloud-based, customer service engagement company and helpdesk solution. It is designed to help you & your agents manage incoming requests through some automation options and respond to your customers.


When using the Freshdesk connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor. To create an authentication with Freshdesk you will need your Freshdesk 'Domain', 'Email' and 'Password':


Basic Operations List

Full list of operations can be found HERE

  • Create ticket
  • Get ticket
  • List tickets
  • Update ticket

Example Usage

Short summary of what the example below will work through, followed by a numbered list of steps with a brief description of each section. Your steps will essentially become your navigation list on the right hand side.

The steps will be as follows:

  1. Setup manual trigger and list your Freshdesk tickets.
  2. Add your second connector to get the ticket ID's.

The final outcome should look like this:


1 - Setup trigger

Once you have created and named your new workflow, and selected the 'Manual Trigger' as your trigger option, add a 'Freshdesk' connector in your second step from the connectors panel on the left.

Set the operation to 'List tickets'. You will notice that there are several 'Filter by' and 'Sort by' options if you wish to be more specific (such as 'Requester ID', 'Email', 'Company ID' etc).


There are also two mandatory fields right at the bottom of the input options. Your 'Per page' field should be pre-populated for you (set at 20), but feel free to change it as you see fit. as with the 'Page'

We recommend you update any calls to use pagination as standard.


Your output should look similar to this:


2 - Get ticket

Add another step to the 'Freshdesk' connector, set the operation to 'Get ticket'. Set the 'Ticket ID' to the ID of one of the projects, by using a JsonPath as shown in the example: $.steps.freshdesk-1.results[0].id.


Click 'Run Workflow'. Open the Debug tab and you should be able to see the successful output with information about your chosen profile displayed like in the example below:


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