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Drift is a leading conversational marketing platform.


The Drift connector allows you to manage contacts in Drift.


When using the Drift connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:


On the following page proceed to allow Tray access to your account.

Basic Operations List

Operations available in this connector:

  • Add tag to contact

  • Get contact

  • List contacts

  • List contact's tags


For this example we have created a user in our Drift database with email address, first name Test and last name User. We will retrieve the ID for this contact, add a tag to the contact and retrieve the tags assigned to the contact.

The first step is to create a workflow with a Manual Trigger. Then we add a step from the Drift connector with the operation set to List contacts. We set the email parameter to "":


The output will contain the id of the contact. Next, we duplicate the step, change the operation to Add tag to contact, set Contact ID to the ID of the contact output by the previous step (jsonPath $.steps.drift-1.results[0].id), and under Tags click Add Tag and enter a new tag name, such as "New tag":


Finally, we duplicate this step, and set the operation to List contact's tags to confirm the tag has been added. By duplicating the step, the Contact ID parameter will already be filled in. The output should be the tag and its corresponding color:


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