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Ecommerce pricing and billing tool
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Chargify is a subscription billing software service that offers a recurring billing and subscription management space.


Add authentication

Log into the Chargify app and open your dashboard. From the sidebar menu, under Config, click on Integrations. You will then be able to create a new API key, which you will paste in the Tray authentication window. You also need to provide your site name. For instance if your Chargify site URL is "" you will enter "trayio".


List the available operations for the connector:

  • Archive product
  • Cancel subscription
  • Create coupon
  • Create customer
  • Create migration
  • Create product
  • Create subscription
  • Delete customer
  • Get billing management link
  • Get product
  • List customer subscriptions
  • List customers
  • List events by site
  • List events by subscription
  • List invoices
  • List payment profiles
  • List subscriptions
  • List transactions by site
  • List transactions by subscription
  • Search customers
  • Update customer
  • Update product
  • Update subscription
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