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Phone Number Helper

Interact with phone numbers


The Phone Number Helper provides operations which can help you deal with international formatting, and to check validity and details about a number.

Basic Operations List

  • Format Phone Number
  • Get details

Format Phone Number

Given a country and a phone number, this operation will return a phone number with the country code in the desired format.

  • International
  • National
  • e164
  • rfc3966
  • significant



Get Details

Takes a phone number provides some additional information about it. For example:

  • Returns the phone number on all the formats explained on the previous operation.
  • Returns the region code.
  • Returns true if it is a valid phone number, or false if it is not.
  • Returns true if it can be internationally dialled or false if it can not.
  • Returns if it is mobile number or a fixed line number.


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