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Trigger Event Reply

Signal a trigger to finish and process reply data


The Trigger Event Reply can be used when a reply is needed for your workflow trigger. It is used to signal to the trigger that it should finish what it is doing, stop waiting and process the reply data sent to it from the Trigger Event Reply.

The Webhook Trigger, with its When webhook is received let workflow reply operation, is a good example of when you may want to reply to the trigger.

An example of when you might want to do this is, after taking several steps to process the data received via the webhook trigger, you may wish to respond with a 200 status and a "Successfully Recorded" message in the body.

Or, after making an unsuccessful boolean check for a user or valid url, you may wish to respond with a 404 'not found' message.

It is also possible to use the Trigger Event Reply to act as a redirect, by using a 301 Status and adding a Location URL to the headers section of the response.

Important note on using the Webhook Trigger

When using the Webhook Trigger in conjunction with the Trigger Event Reply connector, you must select the When webhook is received let workflow reply operation, in order to activate the settings in the Trigger Event Reply connector:


Respond with 200 status


Respond with 400 status

After making a boolean check of some kind - for e.g. a user or valid url, you could set a Trigger Event reply on the false path of the boolean:


and use it to send a 404 accompanied with a body message that e.g. the user was not found:


Set a 301 Redirect

You can use Trigger Event Reply to setup a redirect using a 301 status and setting the Location in the Headers section:


Note that you must click on 'Advanced Settings' to make the Headers option visible.

This could then be tested by visiting the Workflow url (found by clicking on the settings wheel in the top-left corner), and you should be redirected to the url entered as the Location header.

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