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Dedicated static IP

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To get an increased level of security or if you want to host a service which is not listed in our shared static IPs docs page, instead of using the shared static IPs (which are shared with other customers) you can contact us to arrange for your own dedicated static IPs (this can be done for multiple services)

For customers who are either:

  • not happy with the multi-tenanted option of shared static IPs and the fact that these are shared with other customers


  • wish to use a service which is not included in the shared list

We can set up a dedicated account for you which will run all of the connectors behind dedicated static IP addresses which you can whitelist with your firewall, knowing that all comms coming from this IP address are from

This is a very simple high-security set up solution with minimum overhead on the customer's part.

If you are interested in this solution please contact your customer success representative.