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Data mapping to multiple systems


The above video takes you through a method of setting up data mapping that can scale across your company's tech stack.

It shows how you can set up a mapping system which can deal with mapping to multiple systems, by using Google Sheets (or other similar tools such as Airtable) as a lookup table for your defined mappings.

The following diagram illustrates an ingested payload which is then mapped to multiple systems.

As you can see, one system uses 'camel case' firstName and lastName, while one uses 'snake case' first_name and last_name:

And the following screenshot shows how easy it is to store these mappings in Google Sheets:

How it works

Data ingestion

Any workflow which ingests data can be used to:

  • Set the data object to be mapped (person, company, opportunity etc.)

  • Set the 'from' system

  • Set the 'to' system

This is done when calling the workflow which actually carries out the mapping:

Data mapping

The mapping workflow which is called then:

  • Picks up the object type to be mapped from the trigger payload

  • Retrieves the schema for the 'To system'

  • Maps the payload received to the 'To system' schema