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Connecting to on-prem systems

Workflow alerting

Organization-level alerting

When the Owner of an Organization is logged in, from within the Organization details panel, they can set an alerting workflow in order to deal with workflow error messages across your Organization.

You will first need to set up a workflow within your Organization which uses the Alert trigger:

As per the above $.steps.trigger.error example, you can use jsonpaths to pull error information in from the trigger to send emails, messages etc to other services or workflows.

Please see our documentation on Alerting workflows and Error Handling: Default option for more information.

Personal alerting workflows

When accessing their user profile Contributors and higher can also set their own personal alerting workflows, following the same approach as above.

Error handling templates

Please note that we have the following error handling templates available to help you qickly set up powerful and effective error alerts:

These both apply to the Stop workflow method of error handling.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the details discussed in our Error Handling documentation.