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User Profile

Below is a summary of the various Profile sections and how they can be used.

User Profile details

To make changes to your Profile, click on your account avatar.

Your Profile page allows you to make changes to your password, enable/disable two factor authentication, view current user sessions and delete your account.

Updating your password

You can change your account passwords at any time.

Visit your Profile by clicking on your avatar and select 'View Profile'. In the new popup modal, click the 'Change password' button.

Simply enter your current password followed by your new password and confirm the change.

If you do not remember your current password, try logging out and use the 'reset password' option in the login view instead.

Two factor authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an industry standard implementation of Multi Factor Authentication. It requires two separate methods of verifying your identity when you try to access services.

We have taken the Time-based one-time password (TOTP) approach which requires you to use a compatible smartphone app such as Google Authenticator (iOS or Android) or Authy (iOS or Android).

Enabling 2FA

To enable 2FA on your account, click on your account avatar and select 'View profile'. This will take you to your Profile settings.

Here you will see an option to enable two factor authentication. You will be prompted to setup your TOTP application such as Google Authenticator or Authy as mentioned above.

IMPORTANT!: Please remember to copy your backup code. This is required if you lose access to your 2FA device. This can be used in place of the 2FA verification code after you login.

Disabling 2FA

To disable 2FA when its been enabled on your account, you can click on the 'Disable two factor authentication' button and enter your password when prompted.

Personal alerting workflows

It is possible to set up a personal alerting workflow in order to handle any workflow issues quickly and effectively.

My current sessions

On your Profile page you will see a list of current user sessions.

This list shows each of the current logged in sessions for your account, including your current session which is highlighted in green.

Each session has a created date, accessed date, IP address and the browser being used to help you identify if the session is valid or not.

If you find a user session which you do not recognize, you can revoke it by clicking the 'End session' button. This will immediately log the session out so it cannot be accessed anymore.