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Connecting to on-prem systems

Organization settings

Owners of an Organization are in charge of the overall settings of their Organization.

This includes the Organization's General settings, Plan and usage, People and Workspaces.

You can get to your Organisation Settings by heading to your Profile settings option under your 'User avatr'.


Organization details

Owners can change the Organization's name by navigating to their Profile settings and heading to the General tab within the organization workspace:


We strongly recommend that you set up an Organization-level alerting workflow in order to handle any workflow issues quickly and effectively.

This can be found within the same section as your Organization name.

Plan and usage

Only the owner of an organization has the ability to manage billing and payment details.

These should be set up in accordance with your company needs.

See our page on Billing for more details.



When you head to the People tab you will get a list of members who are part of your Workspace.

Each member will have the following information:

  • Name

  • Role

  • Number of other Workspaces you have created that they are a part of

  • Email

Notice that you can filter your members by roles and who is still active or who was deleted:


This tab includes a list of people you have invited and / or expired invitations.

Adding & Deleting people

Add People

This button allows you to add people to your Workspace.

Make sure you have your new member's email address and use a , to separate multiple invites of there is more than one.

Notice that their access level will depend on the field you choose to invite them from (Contributor vs Viewer).

Delete People

In order to delete people simply go to the members list and click on the 'Options icon' to the right of their name. An option called 'Remove from organization' will appear. Make sure you confirm.


We highly recommend that you check out our documentation on Workspace's as a whole for information on what this feature is and how this section of your profile can be used.

Create Workspace

This button allows you to create new Workspaces.

My Workspaces

This tab will display the Organization Workspace you are part of and any Workspace that you created.

You will also see your Personal Workspace listed here.

Note that the 'Option icon' to the right of the Workspace in question allows you to head to People, Navigate to the Workspace in question, and use the Convert to Sandbox feature.

Other Workspaces

This will contain a list of all the Workspaces that you are a member of that you were added to.