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Workspace roles

Provided you have the permissions to do so, shared Workspaces allow you to assign different roles (and therefore different access levels), to members within your Workspace.

This is possible, even if a team member's Organization level is lower than the permission level you want to give them in your shared Workspace.

For example you could assign a team member who's Organizational permission level is 'Organization Viewer', to have a 'Workspace Admin' role within your own shared Workspace.

This would limit the access and control the member has in the public space of your account, whilst giving them a collaborative space to freely build.

Important notes for secure setups

We strongly recommend you reduce the number of team members who have the 'Workspace admin' role within their shared Workspaces.

Members with this role will have access to all assets in the account. Therefore this level of access should only be given to the most trusted members to prevent human error.

Most of your team access requirements are met when given the Workspace contributor or viewer access level.

Workspace admin

If you are creator of a Workspace, you are automatically granted this level of access.

If your member is an 'Admin' or 'Owner' of the organization, they can only be added to shared workspaces as a 'Workspace admin'.

They cannot be demoted unless their organization role is demoted to a role lower than Organization admin.

The 'Workspace admin' can manage workflows and all other asset types within their shared Workspace.

They can also manage all respective members of the Workspace and their respective roles (deleting, adding, upgrading/ downgrading access levels etc).

Workspace contributor

Much like the 'Workspace admin', the 'Workspace contributor' can manage workflows and all other asset types within their shared Workspace.

However they cannot manage the members of this workspace.

Workspace viewer

The 'Workspace viewer' can only view assets within within their shared Workspace.

They cannot edit them nor manage other members in any way.

Promote / demote Workspace members

In the member list view find the Workspace team member you would like to promote/ demote.

Click on the 'Options' icon next to their name. Select the new role you would like to assign them.

Remember that Organisation owners' and Admins' cannot be demoted.