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Setting workspace task limits

It is possible to limit the number of tasks per month in any particular workspace.

This allows you to identify particular workspaces as sandbox / test environments, and ensure that they do not significantly impact your monthly billing.

When looking at Workspace details for any particular workspace this can be set in the 'Workspace task limit' box:

Notes on setting workspace task limits

This usage is measured by calendar month, not billing month - i.e. it does not sync if your billing date is e.g. the 15th of every month.

When you reach a task limit you will receive an email notification.

Once the task limit has been reached, workflows in progress will stop; this may result in data loss or corruption

If your task limit has been reached during the execution of a workflow run, your workflow will error.

If required, once a workflow errors, you can increase the task limit for its workspace, and then rerun the workflow.