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Tray's Workspaces feature allows you to further divide your Organization into subsections:

When your Tray account is initially created, access is granted to two default workspaces: Organization and Personal.

Every user has their own Personal workspace, accessible only to them. While the Organization workspace can be shared by other Org members.

Additional Workspaces can be created and used to sub-divide your organization, to however suits your business needs. For example by:

  • company department (sales, marketing, HR etc.)
  • project units
  • teams
  • implementation types (Data syncing, ETL etc.)

This gives account holders the power to separate how and who they share their workflows and authentications with.

This means the assets (workflows and authentications) in the main Organization can remain separate from the other Workspaces assets, as and when they are created.

Once you have created multiple Workspaces they will appear under your 'Profile settings' as Workspace options. From here you can navigate to specific Workspace, create new ones, etc.