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Key setup considerations

Should I Rebuild my Tray Setup?

If you have a custom Tray Org setup, such as:

  • More than one Org

  • An Integration Manager

  • An Embedded account

You may want to consider rebuilding your Org.

For Embedded and Integration Manager accounts, Workspaces functionality is not yet available, so we do not suggest migrating yet

Creating custom services

IMPORTANT!: Custom services can only be created in a personal workspace.

As such we strongly recommend you create a single User Account exclusively for creating custom services.

Once a user has created a custom service in the company "User Agnostic personal workspace", the service will then be available organization-wide.

For more details please see our Custom services page.

Migrating from Multi-Org


Review your current Org setup with your Tray team.

If you decide to move forward with migrating to one Org and multiple Shared Workspaces approach, your team will come up with a bespoke migration plan to smooth this transition.

It will include:

  • Designing your new Org with a custom Shared Workspaces scheme

  • Aligning all your Tray users into that Org with appropriate Org and Shared Workspace access levels

  • Migrating existing Workflows and Authentications into their appropriate places

User Model Information

Each Tray Org will continue to have a single Owner and a set of Admins.

Owners and Admins will be able to access Workflows and Authentications across all Workspaces, including those that they are not added to.

Adding them to your Shared Workspaces has no effect from an access perspective.

Org Roles

  • Owner/Admin - Access to all assets, Workspaces and user management

  • Contributor - Access to Org and their own Personal Workspace assets

  • Viewer - View only access to Org assets

Once your Workspaces are set up, review the Org Admin list to confirm that these individuals should be able to access all assets in the Org.

Shared Workspace Roles

  • Admin - Access to all assets and user management in the Workspace

  • Contributor - Access to all assets in the Workspace

  • Viewer - View-only access to assets in the Workspace