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Getting started

Designing your Org with Workspaces

Design your Org by thinking about how you want to break up your workflows, users and authentications.

We suggest two patterns that we use in our own organization:

1 - The team-based pattern

Organize additional Workspaces by functional team to collaborate on your work:


2 - The environment-based pattern

Organize additional Workspaces for each team to separate your workflows into dev / test / prod.

Each environment can contain different user lists and make use of dev / test / prod Authentications:


Getting started

Once you design your Workspaces scheme, you can align users, existing Workflows, and existing Authentications to complete your setup.

1 - Create shared workspaces

Create a new Shared Workspace based upon the pattern you have chosen.

2 - Align Users

Add users at predefined levels of access by assigning them a role

This will ensure that your team can collaborate efficiently while separating your automations securely.

3 - Manage your Work

Create any necessary projects within your workspaces.

Create new or move existing Personal or Org Workflows and Authentications to the appropriate Shared Workspace(s).

Please pay particular attention to the note on moving personal workflows and authentications!

Please also be sure to read our note on custom services for important info on how custom services and auths work across the org

Now automate & collaborate!