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Create and edit

Below is a summary of how users can navigate to their Workspace, create, add people and edit their Workspace members.

There are two ways of navigating to your Workspaces.

Both views will list the Workspaces in which you are either an Owner or Active member of.

Owners will also be able to see Workspaces which they are not an Active member of.

From the side navigation

In your main landing page select your Workspace from the dropdown list of options.

If you are a member of more than five, you will have to access the other Workspaces by selecting All workspaces.


Click on the Workspace details option which will now present itself.


This should take you to the General page under the Workspace details tab.

From the Workspaces list

Within the 'Profile settings' model click on the Workspaces tab. Select the Workspace of your choosing.

Click on the 'Options' icon on the left of the Workspace. Select the dropdown option Navigate to.


Creating a workspace

PLEASE NOTE: Only Owners and people with Administrative level access to an Organization can create new Workspaces.

Within the 'Profile settings' modal under the Workspace tab there is an option for Create workspace.


The steps below are important for helping users easily identify their Workspaces in the future should more Workspaces be built.

  1. Select a color to represent your workspace: Note that you can choose from the colours presented or create custom one by defining a hex code.

  2. Name your Workspace with intent: Give it a name that represents the intention of your Workspace so people understand what it's for.

  3. Choose a Workspace purpose: This is to easily identify which business unit owns the Workspace (Finance, accounting, etc)

  4. Add a description: This will help others understand the purpose of the Workspace in more detail.


Adding people

Use the search bar to find someone within your organization you want to add. Click Add people to add them to the workspace.


Important notes on adding people to Workspaces

  • You can skip the 'Add people to Workspaces step' during creation by clicking on the 'I'll do it later' option.

  • If you're the Workspace creator you'll be added as a Workspace Admin by default. You can change/ update this access level later if need be.

  • Members can be assigned three access levels:

    • Workspace Admin: Can edit a workspace (after creation) to the fullest extent.

    • Workspace Contributor: Can contribute to a workspace but cannot change base settings.

    • Workspace Viewer: Has only viewing capabilities.

    • For more details please see our Workspace roles documentation.

Editing a workspace

PLEASE NOTE: Note that the below information doesn't apply to your default Personal and Organization workspaces.

Only Owners, Admins and allocated Workspace Admins can edit a Workspace.

There are two approaches available when editing a Workspace:

From within the Workspace itself

Click on the Workspace details option found on the left hand side navigation.


From within your default Organization/ Personal workspace

Within the Profile settings dashboard click on the Workspaces tab. Select the Workspace of your choosing.

Click on the 'Options' icon on the right of the Workspace. Select the dropdown option Edit details.