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Org & Workspaces FAQs

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How many shared workspaces can I have within my organization?

Please see our Pricing page for how many shared workspaces you can have according to your Tray edition.

How many sandbox workspaces can I have within my organization?

All Tray editions have unlimited sandbox workspaces.

Can I create authentications within a workspace?

Yes - they can be created and shared between all users which have access to your workspace.

Can I move personal workflows to a shared workspace?

Yes - but not directly! Please see here for importants notes on doing this.

Can I use custom services in Organization and Shared workspaces?

Yes - custom services can currently only be created in personal workspaces, but are then available for use anywhere in the org.

Can a single user exist in many workspaces?

Yes! A user can be added to as many workspaces as necessary.

Is there a limit to the number of workflows that can exist inside a workspace?

No, you can create as many workflows in a workspace as needed.

How does account-level data work between workspaces?

In it is possible to store data at account-level that can be accessed by other users' workflows in your Organization.

As per the example for our CSV Editor you may have created a monthly CSV report, which may need to be updated by several other workflows before it is emailed to the relevant people.

Or you may have used the Data Storage 'Set value' operation to store a variable such as 'customer-list' or 'outstanding-accounts' (could be anything) which you want other organization workflows to be able to edit.

The following key points apply when using account-level data across workspaces:

  • Any data that you store at account-level in a workflow in your Personal Workspace will not be available to the Organization Workspace or any Shared Workspaces

  • Any data that you store at account-level in a workflow in a Shared Workspace will be available to other workflows in that Shared Workspace only

Currently, if an Organization Owner uses an account-level key 'e.g. 'outstanding-accounts' that is also used by workflows in the Organization workspace, that key and any data stored in it will be visible and available to any workflows in the Organization workspace. This will be resolved in a future release of Workspaces.

Can I use Callable workflows in workspaces?

Yes, you can! Workflows created in your workspace can access callables both created in that workspace and in the organization.

Can I set up Alerting workflows at workspace level?

A shared workspace currently only supports workflow level alerts. But we are adding workspace level alerting workflows very soon.

Can I configure SSO at Workspace level?

No - currently you will only be able to configure SSO at Organization level.

Can I configure private on-prem connectors at Workspaces level?

No - currently this can only be done at Organization level.