Tray Platform / Accounts / Billing


You can keep track of your billable entities by going to Profile Settings > Usage

Here you can find the information on your workspace and workflow usage.

Billing and usage costs are largely based on whether workflows (or solutions) are in Sandbox or non - sandbox workspaces:


Identifying billable entities

  • Billable workflows are any enabled workflow or manually triggered workflow located in a non-sandbox workspace.

  • All callable and alerting workflows are excluded from this. 

  • All assets in sandbox workspaces are non-billable and free of charge

You will not be billed for entities marked 'sandbox' or 'test'.

Sandbox limitations

Also note that that, for sandboxes, certain key features are limited / throttled, so sandbox workspaces will not be suitable for use with production data:

  • 72h log retention limit (all execution logs will be deleted after 72h)

  • Low concurrent execution limits

  • Additional concurrency limits are applied to our 30 most common connectors

  • Task cap of 30,000 tasks per month per workflow

Sandboxes are also used according to's acceptable use policy and subject to audit.