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Analytics and Tasks

Tray Analytics allows you to explore and visualize the tasks used by you and your team. You can find the analytics page by either going to the analytics URL ( or by selecting analytics from the main menu in the dashboard:

What is a task?

Tray Analytics is all about exploring how your workflows are executing tasks. The simplest way to think of a task is to imagine it as equivalent to a step in a workflow. When a workflow runs it executes each of its steps and each one becomes a task. A task does not necessarily correspond directly to the number of calls to a service that are made. For example, a Tray connector may make several calls to an API when it executes but this only counts as a single task.

Using Tray Analytics

The default view in Tray Analytics shows tasks over the last 7 days. This is up to the last complete day so you won't see partial data for today's date. The bar at the top provides a description of the graph.

The tables below the graph show the workflows and connectors with the most tasks. Note that a user table is also available to the team owner:

We can click on the items in these tables to see more details.

For example if we select Zendesk from the Connector table we can see the volume of tasks for the Zendesk connector over the last 7 days. This shows us all Zendesk tasks for all users in all workflows:

We can use the filter bar above the graph to filter the graph results. We can also click Clear filters to return the graph to the default view:

If we select Show tasks by workflow here we can see which workflows are using Zendesk. They are displayed in different colours.

Clicking on either a colour on the graph or a row in the table will then filter by that workflow.