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Projects and Solutions Overview

The Basic Flow

To manage projects and create solutions for your end users the basic flow is:

Create workflows > Create a project which includes particular workflows > Create a solution based on a project and all its workflows

There are some important points regarding project structure to note:

  1. As Config Data works at a Project level, it is not possible to add a workflow to a project if that workflow has already been used in a different project.
  2. Setting Config Data at Project level means you can share individual Config Keys between Workflows within the same Project. Please see the Note on Config Data for an explanation of how this works
  3. You cannot add a workflow which depends on a workflow from a different project
  4. You can't add a workflow which has previously been used as a 'template' in the main Tray product. Tray Embedded is a distinct product offering. Therefore when you have a Tray partner account activated, it is strongly advised that you do not try to add previously-created workflows to your projects. You should create new workflows to add to your projects.
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