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Logs streaming

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For the workflow logs discussed in the previous page in this section it is also possible to enable the streaming of logs data to an external endpoint. This means you could use a system such as Datadog, Sentry, Redshift, New Relic or Kibana in order to conduct further analysis and display statistics in meaningful dashboards such as:

There are many ways in which you can filter and present your logs data.

Please see the main platform logs streaming docs for guidance on this.

As an Embedded customer, the Execution event (which gives details on the status of a workflow run) includes solutionId, solutionInstanceId and sourceWorkflowId fields:

"header": {
"payloadSize": 773,
"version": 1
"logType": "execution_event",
"eventType": "<created | started | retrying | failed | created_failed | manually_retried | successful | terminated>",
"created": "<iso timestamp>",
"executionCreated": "<iso timestamp>",
"executionId": "<uuid>",
"workflowId": "<uuid>",
"organizationId": "<uuid>",
// embedded only
"solutionId": "<uuid>",
"solutionInstanceId": "<uuid>",
"sourceWorkflowId": "<uuid>",
// fields present in case of error
"errorMessage": "<string | undefined>",
"errorStepName": "<string | undefined>",
"errorStepTitle": "<string | undefined>",
"errorId": "<uuid | undefined>",
"errorType": "<internal | input | connector | external>"

And there are several Embedded-specific Audit event types:

These are solutionInstanceWorkflowCreated, solutionInstanceWorkflowUpdated and solutionInstanceWorkflowDeleted.

The following screenshot shows an example log for solutionInstanceWorkflowCreated: