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Embedded Product Updates

This page contains a chronological list of Embedded product updates, with the most recent first.

21 May 2020

  • [Docs Update] - Data Mapping with Config Slots


    It is possible to allow your End Users to specify their own list of available fields for data mapping, instead of choosing from a pre-configured list.

    Read the docs here

20 May 2020

  • [Layout Change] - Display all workflows / automatic labels


    All workflows, even ones in projects and solutions are now displayed on the dashboard. All workflow that are added to projects automatically get a 'part of project' label as seen below.

    You may need to hard refresh the tray app for these changes to propagate.

15 May 2020

  • [New Feature] Controlling the ability to enter custom values in DDLs

    It is now possible to control whether End Users are able to enter arbitrary custom values in DDLs.

    This is available both when working with standard Config Data

    And when Mapping Data with Dynamic Lookup Schema

6 May 2020

  • [New Feature] Static Lists

    You can now create an arbitrary static list of values in the config wizard:


    This is a powerful feature which gives you control over specific values your customers can choose - allowing you to set up conditional logic in your workflows, based on the values they have chosen.

    Read the docs here

- [Important Note] New URL Params for Config Wizard and Auth-only dialog

For the auth-only dialog we've introduced two new query parameters:

skipTitleField and skipAuthSettings.

Plus a new postMessage event tray.authPopup.error

Read the docs here

These parameters can also be used with authentications in the Config Wizard

April 2020

  • [New Feature] Added URL support to logs searching

    It's now possible to support reading of URLs when it comes to log searches. This means that when the page is refreshed, searches are saved in a query string. This makes it easy to share log searches with technical support and colleagues.

  • [Bug Fix] - Config Wizard working in Safari

    The config wizard (both pop-up or iFrame) is now fully functional and working in safari again. If any issues persist, please get in touch with your CSM as soon as possible.


  • [New Feature] - Synchronous Workflows



    We have released Synchronous workflows. The call connector now supports a 'fire and wait for response' operation, allowing you to send data to another workflow and wait for a response from that workflow. We advise users to use this operation to break up large monolithic workflows into smaller callable ones to make building and debugging simpler.

    Read the docs here

  • [New Feature] Smoother loading screen transition

    We've added a new event tray.configPopup.ready PostMessage to indicate when our iFrame has finished loading. If you are using your own loading spinner over the iFrame, you can now wait for this event to trigger and then display the iFrame with a fully loaded screen. This will lead to smoother loading transitions.

    Read the docs here

  • [New Feature] Data Mapper - many to one mappings / marking fields as read only


    The data mapper now supports many to one mappings. In addition, you now have the ability to mark specific fields as 'read-only' meaning they can't be edited by the end user.

    Read the docs here

  • [Bug Fix] Adding custom values in the data mapper

    You can now add custom values in the data mapper ddls. Though When adding custom values in the data mapper, we removed the Set name

  • [New Feature] Ability to export/import workflows as JSON files.


    You can now export / import workflows as JSON files. Note that this only works for standalone workflows that are not in projects or solutions. We are working on the ability to export / import whole projects as JSON files next.

    Find documentation and best practice here

  • [New Feature] Partner Users

    We've revamped our partner users page to be more compact and functional so you find and troubleshoot your end users more effectively. With this new view, you can search by username, solution instance or workflow ID.


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